Baby Dedication

The precise christening ceremony, and even level of significance, varies between church denominations, but mostly the dedication of a baby is an essential ceremony for salvation and sacrament. Socially, it is a major occasion for many families, putting christening alongside weddings and baptism’s as church gathering times for families.

In some ways, a christening has some similarities with a wedding. Christening gifts are often given for the baby, just as bridal gifts may be given for a wedding, and some parents also give christening favors. In advance, invitations to the guests are normally sent out, and godparents selected instead of the best man and maid of honour in a wedding. When it comes to the baby’s dress, christening gowns, although very small, can be as elaborate and beautiful as a wedding dress. Also there is usually a celebratory event after the dedication ceremony.

If you’d like to have an unforgettable baby dedication, you should start planning with us today.